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HLB Law Firm

The aim of this project was to show potential clients the most important services the law firm offers. As the client deals with foreigners coming from different countries, it was necessary to prepare the website in many languages. For this purpose, we made a joint decision to set up an automatic translator.

Liza Kośny - Psychotherapist

The website of a psychotherapist, the main idea was to provide basic knowledge about innovative ways to treat patients. The website had to take into account the company’s colour scheme, which was incorporated. Additionally, the website includes a shop where basic training and therapies can be purchased.

Muzyczne Minutki - Musical Kindergarten

Music kindergarten for children, in this project we wanted the website to be friendly also for the youngest audience. The idea was to create a friendly layout that would reflect the kindergarten. The result of our cooperation was an interesting, colourful and cheerful website with a calendar of events. 

On-Menu - Order System for gastronomy

The objective was to build a table reservation and ordering system online for the catering industry. Additionally, the service included a page for selling the service, which informs about the functioning of the system and encourages potential restaurant owners to purchase the service. The design of the website is noteworthy, interesting and colourful.

Diet in Poznań - Martyna Marciniak

Website of a nutritionist from Poznan. The aim of the project was to show how diets are conducted and to integrate it with the knownlekarz.pl calendar. The website had to be simple and clear. It is one of the older Webeo.it projects. In the coming months, we plan to modernize the site and completely redesign it.

AKPROGRES - Outsourcing IT

Website design by business partner Webeo.it. The target audience of the website are business clients. Very simple design, extended by many subpages and hidden functions – also for AKPROGRES customers.

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