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Many years of experience and a diverse team with experienced senior specialists and young talents full of creative ideas is a guarantee of excellent quality of services provided.

Members of the Webeo team have been building websites, dealing with servers, hosting, IT outsourcing and many others related to the industry for many years.  Our goal is to constantly develop the services we provide. Driven by the needs of our clients, we are constantly working on new solutions which we implement in the future for both new and existing clients, often at no extra charge.

Design enthusiasts

It is our passion for creating something new that has made us here for you today. We enjoy designing websites, layouts and learning the ever changing trends. Many projects were created as a hobby and those ideas turned into business. That’s why our websites are so good and our customers are happy!

Working with WordPress

The main engine of our sites is WordPress, although we also program sites in pure code, we definitely prefer to build sites on this tool. WordPress is easy to use for the finished site, so you can conveniently view statistics or make minor changes.


Our workflow

Project processes

1. Preparation

In the first stage of cooperation we ask detailed questions to the client. We want to know as much as possible about your idea and have a clear picture of the project we will create. 

2. Design

Kiedy uda nam się zrozumieć zamysł projektu, nad którym rozpoczynamy pracę, przechodzimy do projektowania. Jeśli jest to większy projekt zaczniemy od tzw. wireframing’u czyli przygotowania “makiety” na wzór tego, co stworzymy. Niezależnie od tego, czy przechodzimy od razu do budowy strony, czy projektowania makiety, otrzymasz podgląd na żywo więc możemy sprawnie współpracować jeśli będziesz mieć jakieś uwagi.

3. Build

This is the final step to complete the project. We move on to building the site, testing, installing the right plugins and implementing the right tools according to the client’s wishes. At this stage you have access to a live preview of our work and can make your comments on an ongoing basis. 

4. Publishing and launching the live website

After making all the corrections, successfully testing all the functions on the website, we release it to the client. From now on, all visitors can see the website and you can make money from it.


Software we use in our work



Questions and answers


Yes! We think this is one of the points that sets us apart from other companies selling websites. Because we use the latest software, it is very easy to edit text, images and other content on the pages. You can change almost anything if you want.

It is impossible to give a definite answer to this question, because it depends on too many factors, such as the number of subpages, implementation of various client wishes, installation of appropriate plug-ins, extensions and other software. On average, however, our clients pay between 2 and 3.5 thousand PLN for their websites. If you want to know the pricing of your project, ask us, we will price your website for free 🙂

You are the owner of the entire website. We can grant you full access to the files and administration panel at your request, but we recommend that you use Webeo’s ongoing maintenance service to ensure the highest quality of website operation.

This is largely up to you. We try to do smaller projects in 7-14 days and bigger ones in 2 months maximum. During the process of building the website we repeatedly ask you for your comments, if you provide them on a regular basis, the building process improves significantly.

Shall we begin?

You already know the importance of marketing your business. Stop hiding from your customers and start making money, we’d love to help you. How do we work together?

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